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We aim to provide high quality services that will suite your needs, and also, our main purpose is to create software that makes the user's experience easy and enjoyable. It's better not to work at all, than create something that'll make clients' life difficult, even a bit. And we also don't forget about making the work process interesting and efficient. Throughout the years we have created software solutions that have made the clients' life and business management easier and, of course, we had a lot of fun creating it.

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Perhaps You are telling Yourself ", another dull agency that provides the same services that all those "creative" agencies do"...
Just let us steal a small bit of Your precious time and You'll change Your mind.


First things first: we will not forgive ourselves if we provide a low-quality product. That is to say, You can go and ask Uncle Google if this team has ever had a client that has not been satisfied, and keep looking for the result of someting like "Yes"...


Our definition of efficiency is to provide the results for the requested tasks on time, so we're always doing our best to give the results as close as possible to the perfect ones and provide the highest quality during the accepted period of time.


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".
If You think that working day doesn't have anything interesting in it or it's just dull, You've perhaps worked in not a right team, haven't You?

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services we provide

We are experienced in almost all areas of software engineering. Throughout years we have worked on various platforms, frameworks, libraries and technologies, and have been giving individual solutions based on the clients' needs.
software engineering
ui/ux design
seo & marketing

software engineering

Our creative development team has created numerous applications for both web and mobile platforms almost for every use case that You could only imagine.

mobile development

Mobile applications have much importance in our everyday life, whether it would be calling a taxi, ordering food or beverage, shopping for clothing or booking a reservation at a hotel. We have become so used to mobile services and applications that some of us would find impossible not using such services.

web development

Web applications have been the "heart" of the information technologies. No mobile application which transports large amount of information could exist without having web server integration and APIs. We can make any kind of website, web service or application for you, that will boost Your business performance.


ui/ux design

No consumer would use software, if the application did not have a beautiful user interface. In most cases professionally designed applications can overcome their opponents just only by providing better user experience.

web design

If You want to create a web application or website, the first thing probably would be best to have a design. Having a well built design can help the future development of the application be more efficient and enjoyable.

front-end development

All the efforts and resources spent on building a cool design could be wasted away by an awful front-end development work. Front-end developer shall bring the layout provided by the designer to life.

full responsive design

Since the past couple of years creating a full responsive design has become the most requested and demanded service. No professional web application or website would be successful if it is not mobile friendly. Our designers' and developers' first mission is to provide a full responsive UI.


seo & marketing

What business could be successful without a proper marketing? Do You need a helping hand in finding the right strategy for promoting Your services or just out of options? Meet our creative marketing specialists.

seo & promotion

Want to give Your website a little push or want to boost it to the top? Our marketing team can plan a strong marketing campaign based on Your needs.


Need a creative idea for Your new or ongoing business, or need to give Your business a new flavour? We can help You business by re-branding Your ongoing business or come up with original thoughts that could engage Your customers.

content writing

Need writing unique texts for Your blog or professional website ? We work with a lot of people who will gladly help You out.


software solutions

Areas that we are experienced in spread across from building a simple single-page website to creating a multi-user complex cross-platform applications

single-page websites

If You want to have a fast running single-page website, then we can help You with that. We can create it using CMS or craft an individual application.

mobile applications

We have a team of mobile development gurus that can create any kind of iOS/Android applications no matter the complexity.

e-commerce solutions

We are experienced in developing e-commerece applications with frameworks such as Magento & WooCommerce, or just crafting from scratch.

custom platforms

If You want something out of the box, we can create any kind of application using custom platforms or frameworks such as Laravel & Yii.

api infrastructure

Need to output data from Your existing application? We can create any kind of APIs for You that will suite your needs.

blogs & forums

The most wide-spread aspects in web that internet wouldn't exist without are blogs and forums. We can create any or both of them for You.

development process

If You have an interesting idea that could bring success to You but don't know from where to start, we are here to help You!
design & branding
core development
testing & release
happy customer
first steps
While some can argue: "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?", everyone can agree that every successful business needs an idea, like a plant needs a seed to be born.
your idea
Having a great idea with no experience on how to implement it could be a troublesome hassle that only few of the many manage to handle.
our help
With the right partner with enough experience in the field by Your side You can kickstart Your business easily. We can help You come up with the right decisions on how to start the business of Your dreams and help organize all the aspects from starting point and give support how much requested.
After having a well written documentation or technical specification for the required software / application, typically the next step usually is to create an appropriate brand including a logo and design that would be used for building the application.
One of the most important aspects of having a successful application is having a well-built design and user interface that will attract the users. If You had a great idea that people could be interested in, but with poor representation, you probably would lose people's interest.
database design
Having a good structured database is one of the key aspects in the success of a software. When building a database one must foresee how the database could possibly enlarge. Database specialist shall create an optimal scheme and plan each table to be able to handle any volume of data with no down-time.
back-end development
With all previously mentioned aspects covered, the actual software development gets started. The mobile / web application itself is the "heart" of the software solution, as it "combines" all parts together and manages them simultaneously.
api development
If the requested solution is a mobile application, there comes another major part in the application: API development. API stores the necessary information on the server-side, handles all the user actions and provides feedback. In case of mobile application all the business model capabilities are executed through the API.
testing & deployment
Of course, no application can be released at once without any bugs or errors. That's why we always like to take some time for testing & quality assurance.
beta release
After testing the application for any possible issues, the application goes for initial "beta" release. During this period few people are invited to freely test and use the application.
bugfixes and support
After having actual users' feedback, a lot of new bugs and malfunctions come out, and those issues need to be taken care of, which usually takes from 2 weeks to 3 months.
After thorough examination and testing the application goes live and the development process is finished.
final result
After successful launch of the application and client's approval, the development process comes to an end, if not required otherwise.
continued support
If continued support is requested by the client, we will be happy to assist as long as the client needs.
further cooperation
Of course, after finalizing the project we are still available and always happy to hear from You regarding new projects or about future cooperation.

hear from our customers

The foundation on which lies the well-being of an organization, is having satisfied customers. Here are a few from many testimonials by our clients

TCO team's developers are very detail oriented. They are working with us long time. They understand requirements, are willing to provide their feedback on how to tackle issues, and put in a high level of effort. You cannot go wrong hiring them. Great job TCO !!!

Marcus Berneström, Project Manager

TCO team is amazing. I had a tight deadline and they even skipped sleeping :) to help me finish. Now they are working on all projects with my company. We plan to continue with TCO long term. Would definitely recommend their work.

Scott Zsori, Project Manager TheTVDB

We are very happy with TCO's work and their professional attitude towards it. Their communication and responsiveness were prompt and their skills are strong. We are vary happy, that we have support hand by TCO members. Thanks for your hard and intellectual work guys...

Andrè Skjelbred, CTO at Greentrack

In any case where the work was beyond their ability, they were very forthcoming and we worked well as a team. TCO helped me to understand, that client must not play project manager, or document writer role. Client have an Idea, and developers team can make a machine from this idea...

Alen MJ, CEO at Dashlytics

One word. Thanks! Highly skilled and efficient. Always online, always responsible. Will definitely work again with TCO team!

Armen Martirosyan, SEO and internet marketing expert

It is a real pleasure to work with TCO. I enjoy these 2 years of our working process and surely continue it now. We have successfully completed 4 projects together and will continue our relationships.I recommend you to anyone who is looking for an efficient, responsible and trustworthy team of devel...

Armen Ajamoghlyan, Marketing specialist as Manana Tea

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