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Our Armenian based company was founded in 2016 by Gegham and Petros whose primary focus has always been to make a positive impact on clients and establish long-term business collaborations with customers. During this year they worked hard in order to create a team of highly qualified, intelligent and passionate developers. TCO team consists of professional and knowledgable members who do their best to satisfy clients. They are positive, willing to devote their all time and bring the best everyday. Another superb quality of our team members is the ability to help other teammates get better, as the collaboration is the key of every goodly and successfull working environment. We choose the software technologies that best match your requirements. We are proud to have highly experienced developers with excellent communication skills on board. Our professionalism and agile methodology for software project management makes us the preferred web development company for customers.

Although we started with web development...

... Over the year we have become a full service company via raising and improving our skills. We maintain a stimulating, creative, respectful, friendly, and fun work environment that encourages ideas, hard work, product quality, and dedication to providing good value and good service to every customer. TCO has a rich and large experience in working and communicating with various nations of all over the world. We all know that it is an extensive work to develop good relationships with various people from the different corners of the world as there are a large variety of characters, but our team did and will do they best for that. It is the key of our success and we believe that our skills and techical experience will make our team a very competitive candidate for any job! Our web and mobile development company is capable to accept any challenge and provide high quality product to our customers. We are more than happy to help you to reach your goals!

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