Gayane Baghdasaryan

Full Stack Web Developer

TCO member since 05/12/2016

About Gayane

My name is Gayane, I’m a web developer. I’m fond of reading, each new book is a new discovery for me. My passion is the Nature, the best way to be connected with Nature is walking. Nature helps me to fully discharge and find comfort of myself. First of all I chose this profession because I like difficult problems and solving them. The sense of responsibility helps me in my profession. I’m a TCO team member from December,2016. I love my teammates very much, here I feel like at my home. When my clients are satisfied with my work, I’m satisfied too and it motivates me. My principle is “Never leave that till tomorrow which can be done today”. I like TCO because there is always a place to grow and learn.

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You can always get in touch with me, will be very happy to answer our team customer's questions personally.